Four students of Mount Dora High School, come together to bring you three fantastical stories of betrayal, bravery and adventure that will sweep you off your feet and into worlds you could never imagine. 100% of all the proceeds from this boxed set will be donated to Mount Dora High School's drama program

Universes of Our Own by Killian McIver

When the stars talk, Payton is forced to listen.

And now they’re screaming.

Payton Bipsi’s life is in chaos. Her job sucks. Her family won't speak to her. Every day is a struggle to survive. And Payton has a secret.

The constellations are alive, and they want her.

Her father used to tell her she was a gift from the stars. Turns out, he was right.

When Payton learns that there's more to the universe than everyone thought, she's thrown into an adventure she never wanted.

Can she trust the constellations? But most importantly, can she trust her own mind?

Havok Week by Gabrielle Sawdo and Sydney Kuntz

Mayhem, and madness.

What could be better?

Pergamon City is known for its vigilantes and its villains. 

But heroes are overrated.

Thinner and Aberrance prey on the weak. So, naturally Pergamon is their perfect home.

When they team up for a villainous competition of destruction, they find out they're more alike than they thought.

And they need to stick together if they're going to make it out alive.

Before the week is up, deep secrets and dark pasts are revealed in this action-packed, super-power filled adventure.

The Missing Link by Nidiyah Thompson

Being a spy is awesome...

Until it's not.

Link Richard is stuck in the same boring routine that he's had all his life. Wake up. Go to school. Come home. 

But when he sees something he shouldn't, he learns his life is about to change forever. 

Who would have thought a small, blue vial could cause so much destruction.

Wrapped up in a mission, Link meets two spies who need his help to save the world. The excitement is what he's always dreamt of...

Except in his dreams, his life wasn't the one in danger.

Can Link manage to stay alive long enough to save the world, or will his own come to an end.

Readers of Roland smith and Jack Higgins will love this action-packed spy adventure filled with danger around every turn.

pick up this epic boxed set to get all three of these amazing books!

Three Book Collection (Havok Week, Universes of Our Own,The Missing Link)

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