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"A riveting adrenaline rush that will keep you pumped up and flipping the pages as fast as you can!"

A new world. A new challenge. And an unhinged psychopath.  

When Adal and Arija jump into a portal they find themselves in a world unlike anything they could have imagined. As they search their new surroundings for Kip, they realize things aren't what they thought. And now they're being hunted. 

All Ypsilon cares about is her gang, her boyfriend and having a good time. But when two strangers come to her for help, she's forced to choose between her comfortable life and doing what's right.

And man does that piss her off. 

Can Adal and Arija trust Ypsilon and her gang of crazies or will she throw them to the wolves?

"When I first met Ypsilon, I knew I was going to love her. Her bada$$ery and quick wit makes her a loveable character, with enough vulnerability and stubbornness to round her out as a completely believable character."

"The imaginative world that this is set in masterfully created. Hop on board and start this now!"

"This book is almost like playing a video game, with cool action, great world building and kickass characters."

Kip and The Grinders (Hall of Doors book 2)

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