Is An Extraordinary Experience Worth The Loss of Innocence?

In this gripping sequel, Gabrielle stumbles into revolutionary France with more questions than answers. Why did Alexandra chose her for this adventure? What did the mysterious old woman mean by "it's all up to you"? And why was she seeing monsters no one else could see?

In search of these answers, Gabrielle finds herself in the middle of a much bigger battle than she could have ever imagined. Can a nineteen year old old take on the past and un-seen evil all on her own?

"Well written, engaging, and enjoyable" -5 star review 
"To follow these characters on their journey is absolutely amazing!" -5 star review
"I loved this book, even more than the first one!" -5 star review
"The book is attention grabber and it won't let go till you finish reading" 5 star review

Curiosity and The Hounds of Arawn

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