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"Welcome to hell, ladies and gents, where the demons are monsters and so are the angels."

In a city filled with angels and demons, the real monsters are harder to find.

When Arija jumps through a portal, she finds herself in the most beautiful city she's ever seen. But looks can be deceiving. Has she found a paradise or is it Hell?

Adal can't believe he let Arija go into the portal alone. When he goes in looking for her, he finds himself in a hellscape. With a demon around every corner, Adal must find his girlfriend before it's too late.

But someone watches from the shadows.

When heaven and Hell collide, Adal and Arija must figure out who they can trust. Will they solve the puzzle before it's too late?

If you like Cassandra Clare, you'll love this twisted tale reminiscent of The Labyrinth because of the betrayal, the temptation and the edge of your seat action.

"It’s tense, it’s intriuging with my favourite characters to date and a nod to mythology I can’t go on enough about how much I loved it."

"I hope that this series continues for a long time. It is a greatly entertaining story and I love Mr. Chopchinski's imagination!"

Arija and The Burning City (Hall of Doors book 3)

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